Oct 03, 2023Saira Khan

It is amazing how many questions I get about how to use products and how many of you are searching for honest information that will help you take charge of your complexion.

Choosing skincare products can be confusing. It’s noisy and crowded out there, with pressure from fresh faced influencers, who add layer after layer of product, which can leave you feeling intimidated, confused, and disconnected – so what do you do as a result? Make poor skincare choices and decisions.


Life is tough enough, let alone being made to feel overwhelmed in something that should feel so good to do, something you look forward to, something you see the results of. We have enough anxiety to deal with, skincare should be about selfcare and de-stressing wellbeing moments, not adding to our worries.

The one thing I say on repeat, is consistency and simplicity.

Keep your skincare routine manageable, powerful, and effective with nourishing, elegant ingredients and not only will you stick to it, but you will see better results.

When it comes to layering multiple products, work from thinnest to thickest textures to optimise absorption, avoiding richer products sitting on the skin’s surface and preventing the penetration of key actives.


We at SAIRA have made it simple, 5 steps to layering your SAIRA skin essentials.


  • Cleanse = Nourishing Cleansing Oil + Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth
  • Eye Treatment = Firming Eye Serum
  • Vitamin C = Brightening Vitamin C Powder (if you have a specific skin concern such as acne prone skin you may choose to use targeted specialist serums at this point.)
  • Nourish = Hydrating Facial Oil
  • SPF = Heliocare choose your shade and format


  • Simply repeat without the Vitamin C and SPF

Does it really matter if I put my layers of skincare in the wrong order?

In the grand scheme of things – no.

The reality is however, that by working with our skin, it helps us stay in balance, optimise natural biological processes and own our glow. If you don’t apply things in a recommended order, you risk losing potency, efficacy and could even upset the equilibrium further.
So, no…it’s not life or death, but it can set your skin back a little.

So, let’s start at the beginning.


Cleansing is the foundation of any healthy skincare routine.

Personally, I don’t think there is anything more delicious, more relaxing and restorative than cleansing, both to refresh and start my day but even more so, at the end of the day. That heavenly sigh as you breathe in the aromatic oils and feel the day melt away and you truly see your skin again.

If you don’t have your cleansing sorted, your products won’t work as effectively, penetration of active ingredients is impeded, texture and tone of your complexion is affected and your makeup won’t sit as well.

I’m often asked about whether to double cleanse.

It’s personal preference how you deep cleanse. With my cleansers and the Organic Cotton Exfoliating Muslin Cloths, you don’t need to cleanse then cleanse again, because you double the efficacy every time you use the cloth. It was developed to help stimulate the lymphatic system, lift impurities and polish the skin; these cloths will create an effortless deep cleanse.


But can an oil truly cleanse?


In cleansing – ‘like attracts like’.

So, as many products that sit on our skin every day (makeup, SPF etc) will be oil based, the oil cleanser dissolves the bonds that adhere these to the surface of skin and simply, gently and thoroughly melt them away clearing a path for the penetration of skin restorative actives.                                                                         


The SAIRA Ritual: Morning Skin Wake-up Call

Confidence is key as you start your day. We all know time is tight, we are juggling so much but if you’ve seen me do my full body routine in-front of you in real time, you will know that good skincare is possible, regardless of how time-poor you are.
So even when you have kids to get to school, a commute to do, a shift to start…follow this routine and I promise, it will take you a few moments.


1: Cleanse
Nourishing Cleansing Oil + Organic Exfoliating Muslin Cloth

Start with dry skin and a dampened cloth.

Apply Nourishing Cleansing Oil to the palm of your hand, place your hands together and press the cleansing oil onto your skin, then massage onto face and neck in circular movements.

Go gently around the eyes, remove mascara by using gentle downward swipes of the fingertips. Don’t rub…PLEASE!

To remove, simply use whichever side of the cloth your skin needs most; soft and gentle for skin that feels fragile, dry or reactive or more of a gentle polish to help slough away surface dead skin cells.

Rich in skin-loving, non-comedogenic plant oils sunflower, castor, and safflower the cleanser is your first step to help soften, plump, brighten and protect skin.

Immediately, you will see skin stimulated and glowing.

Remember; wash your muslin cloth each time you use it. It will ensure this fabulous tool works with your skin rather than undoing all your hard work by clinging onto dirt, bacteria and impurities.


2: Eye Treatment
Firming Eye Serum

Serums are an elegant, powerful delivery system for potent actives that help smooth and support the delicate skin around the eyes.

The texture glides effortless over delicate skin, minimising drag.

Our exclusive botanical complex features nature’s answer to retinol. Bakuchiol is a gentle alternative that mimics the effects of synthetic retinol by stimulating cell turnover, smoothing fine lines and improving skin uniformity. Incredible ashwagandha and yeast extract help soothe, hydrate and brighten.

Apply with your ring fingers to ensure the right pressure in application. Simply pat around the eye socket line to help plump, smooth and rejuvenate the skin.


3. Vitamin C
Brightening Vitamin C Powder

Make this a non-negotiable to your morning routine.

Check out our blog for the low-down on Vitamin C and how it can be the change-maker in achieving natural luminosity. 

The powder format ensures the potent ingredients are kept stable, while a few drops of water transforms the treatment into a light serum that is easily absorbed. 

Simply pat into your face and don’t forget your neck.


4. Nourish
Hydrating Facial Oil

There is something so utterly restorative about the ritual of pressing aromatic face oil into your skin. Steeped in ancient rituals, it is deeply symbolic, inherently connected to nature, reconnecting with self.

The effects on your complexion are instantly visible.

This layer of skincare is about locking in nourishment to the skin, balancing and fortifying the skin barrier.

Nutrient-dense and elegant plant oils packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals cocoon skin, restoring vitality, suppleness and luminosity.

Our organic oils including apricot kernel, sweet almond and grapeseed oil are carefully selected for their natural ability to hydrate, balance, nourish and repair.

They are naturally high in good-for-you ingredients such as polyphenols, fatty acids, and antioxidants, to help reduce inflammation, lock in moisture and soften the skin. 

Using your flattened palms and fingers, press firmly across your face and neck to ensure even application and optimised absorption.

Don’t be tempted to rub too vigorously, this can cause skin stress and undo all your good work.


5. SPF

All these steps of skin nourishment and care are vulnerable to ineffectiveness if you don’t protect your skin from UV damage.

Broad spectrum UVA/B protection, SPF is essential to maintain hydration, shield from environmental aggressors that can cause havoc with skin health.

Heliocare is an effortless way to include complexion protection into your daily routine. With textures and shades suited for all skin types and format preferences.

The Saira Ritual: Evening Rest, Reset and Rejuvenate

In the evening, it is even simpler.

Repeat your morning routine, but you can simply leave out the Vitamin C (it is more effective to apply in the morning) and SPF.

My recommendation is to ensure that once or twice a week, you treat your complexion to an additional layer of TLC with the Exfoliation Treatment Mask.

After cleansing, apply this mask across the face and neck, taking care to avoid the delicate skin around the eye area. Leave for 15 minutes to let the moisturising active ingredients penetrate into your skin.

Use your muslin cleansing cloth (damp) to remove.

Lastly, press Hydrating Facial Oil firmly into the complexion to lock in hydration following the technique outlined in the Morning Ritual.


My final word to you.

I always talk about the importance of being in the moment with your skin, connecting…laying your hands on, embracing the changes and challenges.

I urge you to shift your mindset about your skincare rituals. Don’t see your routine as a chore, a slog, an effort…

Remember, this is time for you. For your skin. Your skin is a living, breathing organ, a shield, a sensory wonder. We take it for granted, like we de-prioritise everything about ourselves. Take back control, take back a moment in time.

You deserve that connection with your reflection, that time to nurture yourself.

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