Sep 26, 2023Saira Khan

There are so many reasons why I am proud of SAIRA; the indulgent textures, our resolute commitment to the highest quality, respectfully sourced and potent actives that deliver the wealth of skin nourishment that you have come to expect from the products. I am passionate about all of it.  

But, above all else, it is the transformation of women’s confidence, the empowerment that we provide to our community in taking control of their complexion health; that is the essence of why I created the brand. 

Restoring natural glow is one of the skin goals that unites us across all ages, races and backgrounds. 


But what does skin brightening, glowing, radiance, luminosity really mean? 

Radiant, glowing skin is rested, hydrated, firm, even and vibrant, scientifically measured by the quantity of light reflected from the skin.  
So it’s not just marketing “noise”, but a real measure of skin health.  


Achieving that illusive skin goal 

Brightening the skin, refers to the process of rejuvenating radiance lost beneath uneven dull skin tone, texture and hyperpigmentation.  

Our daily habits as well as the impact of changing seasons can have a profound impact on our skin vitality and radiance, start with consistency day to day in your health and wellbeing to create a foundation of skin radiance:  

  • Hydration. As we enter the Winter months particularly, when our thirst is less acute and the dry, cold air can leave skin parched; maintaining consistent hydration will help skin barrier function and protect vitality.  
  • Rest. Sleep repairs, sleep restores. Get your rest. 
  • Healthy Habits. Don’t smoke, minimise your stress, eat a nutritiously dense diet, avoid excessive sugar and alcohol. 
  • Move your body. Walk, run, dance, stretch…move your body and breathe. 
  • Exfoliation. Part of the process of skin rejuvenation is the physical removal of dead skin cells – as we discussed in our last blog.   

But, there is one ingredient that is proven to help give your skin that lit-from-within luminosity. 

  • Vitamin C. One of the most googled skincare ingredients worldwide and a non-negotiable skincare essential.  

Whether you are into your skincare know-how or not, we all know that Vitamin C is beneficial inside and out. 


But do we know why – what does it do?  

Vitamin C is the most plentiful antioxidant in the human body and a vital part in shielding skin from the damage caused by environmental and lifestyle stress. Everyday pollution, UV, diet and lifestyle can trigger free radicals to cling to healthy cells, causing havoc in our skin.  

This chaos can be a vicious cycle of damage; hyperpigmentation (dark spots, melasma), dullness, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity.  

Vitamin C helps neutralise surface damage, protecting our complexions from these visible signs of inflammation, irritation or reactivity.  

But it goes deeper than that.  

Vitamin C is also crucial to the production and stabilising of collagen, the scaffolding of our skin. This critical protein sadly declines as the years pass and is vulnerable to compromise from skin barrier function and imbalance.  A healthy skincare routine that fortifies the skin barrier function and protects from environmental damage is key to maintaining the strength and elasticity below the surface, keeping skin plump, juicy and supple.  

But it’s not just the bounce and “snap” of healthy skin. 

Vitamin C has been shown to inhibit the production of excess melanin which causes skin pigmentation, which can result from overstimulated by UV exposure, or inflammatory responses (breakouts, wound healing etc.) 


So drink orange juice and eat the rainbow - Vitamin C is Vitamin C right? 

Yes…and no. 

You know me, I believe in the power of great diet. But, even if you eat all the fruit, veg and goodness you can, the truth is our skin can be the last place to benefit from dietary sources, so we must turn to our skincare. 

Sadly, not all products are created for maximum efficacy; but for profit and convenience.  

We want the power in your hands. 

Vitamin C is volatile. It is susceptible to light and heat which can leave it compromised. Science has developed different forms of Vitamin C to enable this essential vitamin to work effectively in oil or water, to boost other actives and minimise fragility.  

In amongst the different varieties of Vitamin C, we have chosen to work with Ascorbyl Glucoside as a more tolerated option for all skin types, including those more troubled and prone to sensitivity. This derivative converts to Ascorbic Acid, the most stable form of Vitamin C; when applied to the skin and delivers all the goodies, but gently.  


SAIRA Skin Brightening Vitamin C Powder

One thing I believe wholeheartedly, is that there is a ritualistic side to self-care.  

Inspired by the ancient practices of my ancestors, I find taking simple, effective ingredients and becoming the catalyst to their efficacy rewarding, restorative and empowering. It helps create a mindful routine daily that provides a moment of grounding and reflection.  

The Brightening Vitamin C Powder is a hands-on customisable solution to skin radiance and relief with Vitamin C the hero, at the top of the ingredient list accounting for 70% of the formulation. In powder form it is potent, stable and allows you to be in control. 

A powerful partnership of antioxidant citrus essential oils and Vitamin C supports healthy collagen production, while soothing chamomile helps calm and reduce redness. Skin is left feeling firmer, smoother and brighter when used consistently.  

Simply apply to cleansed skin, mixing one scoop for the face and don’t forget your neck! Another scoop for this delicate area too. 



It is important to remember that all this good work you are doing, freshly exposed skin, glowing with vitality, is vulnerable to environmental exposure. So to avoid the vicious cycle continuing of pigmentation; protect your skin with SPF.  

We have made it so easy with our “Own Your Aura” collection with Heliocare. 

These simple additions to your daily skincare will prepare, treat and cocoons your skin in protection while boosting a dewy, healthy complexion.  


Remember the 3 finger rule of SPF: apply a line of SPF along your middle, ring and little finger from crease to tip and apply to ensure optimal protection. 


My final word to you. 

Winter can be the thief of a glowing summer complexion. The cold wind, the fluctuation of central heating to the chill of outdoors can put our skin in a spin.  

So let’s turn this around.  

Now is the time to restore balance, calm and control.  

With some transitional TLC we can nourish, replenish and rewind the over-exposure of summer living to even out post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, boost hydration, fortify our skin barrier and step into spring with complete skin confidence. 

Customising your routine to your individual need, doesn’t require anything more than a commitment to yourself. Like I always say, put your hands on your skin – feel the change that daily consistency can make, it does NOT need to be overwhelming, time intensive or complicated. I have taken care of the simplicity, the thinking…all you have to do is stick to it and you WILL see the difference in your reflection. 

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