Jan 06, 2024Saira Khan

To truly embrace the products we produce, my personal skincare journey is vital in understanding the ethos behind our brand SAIRA.

This is more than just a skincare line, it's a narrative that challenges conventional beauty standards.

SAIRA disrupts the idea of beauty by empowering individuals with sustainable, luxurious, natural oils that nurture not just the skin but the mind, body, and soul, fostering confidence in celebrating one's true self.

The story behind SAIRA begins with a deeply personal experience from 40 years ago. Imagine dealing with dry, itchy skin that covered every inch, causing not just physical discomfort but emotional distress. My confidence shattered, self-esteem diminished, all due to societal beauty standards that made me feel inadequate.

That was my struggle, it was real, navigating a world that often overlooked the beauty of diversity.

Traditional solutions offered little relief, relying on medical-grade and over-the-counter products that exacerbated the condition.

However, the real solace came from an age-old remedy, natural oils, passed down through generations to my Kashmiri mother.

These pure, nourishing oils provided the comfort and relief that commercial products couldn't offer. It was a revelation, a realisation that nature's wisdom held the key to self-confidence, healing, and genuine self-care.

The Himalayan culture where my heritage originates, embodies sustainability and a deep respect for nature, which significantly influenced the creation of our products.


Seeing how the locals lived in harmony with their surroundings, using natural resources responsibly, left an indelible mark. It became evident that nature's gifts could address skincare needs without resorting to harmful practices that disrupt the ecosystem.

It is this quest for comfort in my skin that led to the creation of a skincare routine centred around sustainable values and organic natural oils.

This transformation wasn't just physical, it empowered me to embrace life's opportunities, from going for my first ever audition for the BBC hit show The Apprentice, to media appearances, breaking free from hiding due to societal beauty norms.

SAIRA, as a brand, transcends skincare, it's a movement.

In a world dominated by filtered images, unrealistic beauty standards and skincare ingredients that have a negative human and environmental impact.  I want our brand and products to champion authenticity, inclusivity, and sustainability.

Through SAIRA skincare, we encourage individuals to reveal, embrace, and celebrate their true selves. SAIRA promotes self-confidence, empowerment, and self-kindness through the transformative power of self-care.


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