Jan 16, 2024Saira Khan

As a young Asian girl with brown skin facing the challenges of a skin disorder that caused inflammation, my journey navigating beauty standards has been a profound and transformative one. Growing up in an era where supermodels dominated the definition of beauty, I felt alienated by the narrow confines of those standards.

The ideal beauty portrayed in media was a far cry from my reality—tall, skinny, fair-skinned, straight-haired individuals adorned magazine covers and screens, setting the benchmark for attractiveness. Those standards felt unattainable, I was the brown skinned curvy girl with imperfect skin, leaving me feeling inferior and unseen. My skin condition was a blow to my confidence, hindering my self-esteem and progress in life.

Sadly, this struggle is still a reality for many girls and women today. Social media bombards us with AI-generated images of flawlessness, masquerading as reality. These unrealistic standards continue to erode self-worth and negatively impact mental health, perpetuating the belief that unless we fit into this narrow mould, we are not beautiful.

My turning point came when I began to prioritise self-care and embraced my true self. Shifting my perspective, I started using positive language towards myself and celebrated my uniqueness. I realised that beauty isn't confined to superficial traits but encompasses my personality, energy, skills, life experiences, and values. Embracing these aspects empowered me to redefine my self-worth and break free from the suffocating grip of societal norms.

Through this journey, I learned a valuable lesson: owning your wisdom and self-worth forms the bedrock of personal empowerment. This realisation became the ethos of SAIRA, my skincare brand. Instead of promoting unattainable perfection, we advocate for loving and caring for your skin, nurturing its health and resilience.

SAIRA encourages individuals to define themselves, stand out, and embrace their entirety because true beauty transcends trends and seasons. You are always in style when you authentically own who you are. The key is to redefine beauty on our terms, embracing our unique qualities, being grateful, staying present, and shunning comparisons. It's about continual growth, connection with nature, and cherishing what truly matters.

Remember, true beauty lies in embracing our individuality, nurturing our uniqueness, and standing tall in our authenticity. So, let's celebrate ourselves, own our worth, and rewrite the narrative of beauty—one that includes and uplifts everyone.

Because at SAIRA, and in life, YOU are the epitome of beauty, always, so seize the day and OWN YOUR MOMENT.

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