Aug 24, 2023Saira Khan

When it comes to beauty, I’ve always had one non-negotiable and that’s the quality of the ingredients and how they are made. For me, using organic ingredients, made using green chemistry methods, ensure the highest standards in beauty, and that’s why we are committed to organic ingredients, as a priority.

Choosing to make our products in this carefully considered way is fundamentally important, it’s a core value of our brand. My passion lies in nature, and I want to do my part to ensure that my impact on customers and the planet is a positive one.

Over the years I’ve tried and tested so many beauty products, but I’ve always come back to using natural, plant-based ingredients. It was the wisdom of my Kashmiri mother and her use of natural plant-based oils, that sparked my interest in the healing and therapeutic benefits of these skin loving ingredients.

Every organic plant, herb, and flower we use is packed with nutrient-rich ingredients that help to nourish and nurture your skin, keeping it in the very best condition.

I created SAIRA to keep it real. We are not about filters, just open and honest products, and results. This philosophy applies to everything we do, from the organic ingredients we choose, to the sustainable way we manufacture our products.

We are incredibly proud of being a certified organic brand as it represents all the hard work and love that has gone into the creation of every SAIRA product.

SAIRA is certified COSMOS organic by the Soil Association and we make sure our ingredients are over 95% organic where they can be. There are certain ingredients, like the vitamin C in our Brightening Vitamin C Powder, which simply doesn’t exist in an organic form but rest assured, when it does, we’ll be the first to make the switch!  When you see the COSMOS logo on our products it means you can be confident that every product has been put through rigorous checks and balances, ensuring every organic ingredient is of the highest quality, grown according to organic principles and that the manufacturing process adheres to green chemistry. This is our proof of how dedicated we are to being organic, natural, and sustainable.

Why is this important? Just look out of your window. Organic ingredients are farmed in a way that works with nature not against it. Wildlife on organic farms is given the opportunity to thrive as the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals are banned. This means more birds, bees, and butterflies, which in turn brings more biodiversity to the land. Our independent accreditation gives you the peace of mind that the way our products have been manufactured has a positive impact on the environment, supporting the sustainability of the planet.

And it’s not just wildlife that benefits from SAIRA being an organic beauty brand. Organic certification means farmers and workers on organic farms are paid a fair wage and cared for in line with international labour laws. This is particularly important as some of our ingredients are grown in developing countries, so we can be assured that by using organic ingredients we are helping to support these industries and the people who work in them.

Looking to the future, I know that being an organic brand is an important way to help battle climate change. We use green chemistry principles which means that our products contain approximately 60% more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than non-organic brands - which makes our products more active on your skin. 

SAIRA isn’t just about what the product does to your skin, it’s also about what the product can do to support the environment, we all share this planet so it’s important that we respect it as well.

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Aug 16, 2023

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