Aug 07, 2023Saira Khan

People often ask me WHY I created a skincare line. The simple answer is: You! SAIRA is born out of my own experience of the physical and mental benefits of selfcare, instilled in me a desire to empower women like you through your skincare. Making it a key step in your day-to-day wellbeing and giving you the confidence to look in the mirror, connect with yourself and love what you see. It’s about believing in the affirmation: This is me.

These three words sum up how I feel about myself in my 50s. I’ve worked hard to prioritise my wellbeing, taking time to heal the physical and emotional, and ensure that skincare has become part of my daily self-care ritual. I’m proud to see a real woman looking back at me in the mirror each morning - lines, wrinkles, and all. It illustrates the story of my life and I hope that our philosophy shows you that you don’t need filters to make you feel confident about yourself. So, take me or leave me, this is me: unfiltered, confident, and real.

The state of our skin is the body’s way of alerting us to when we are not feeling well or are stressed. It’s nature’s way of telling us what our bodies need, whether that’s drinking more water to reduce dark circles or catching up on your zzzs to banish dullness. Your life is quite simply written all over your face. 

The importance of self-care, wellbeing and taking a holistic lifestyle approach is fundamental to the SAIRA brand. We like to think of ourselves as your wellbeing and beauty best friend. We are here to make you feel good about yourself and this can only happen when you are in the right headspace, both physically and emotionally. When you realise, that you can own every aspect of who you are and celebrate it, it’s very empowering, which is why we’ve made it a mantra for our products. So whatever part of your body you are proud of, own it and enjoy it!  When all these elements align, your skin will really show it.

Skincare has always been part of who I am, and my Himalayan heritage has inspired the products in the SAIRA range. Life in the Himalayas is very natural and for generations, women have used the abundance of plants, seeds, fruits, and herbs growing around them, to create oils to care for their skin. Oils are one of the most natural skincare ingredients we can create - you can get all the benefits of a natural ingredient without altering its physical composition or needing to add anything in. Natural plant, nut and seed oils have transformed my skin and I want to bring their powerful therapeutic qualities to you. As soon as you put a SAIRA oil on your skin, you will see and feel the benefits immediately. Our skin loves them, drawing the oil into its layers for instant nourishment and a vitality that quite simply glows. At SAIRA, we only use organic, nutrient dense plant oils, made in small batches, which are packed full of antioxidants and minerals to feed the skin and strengthen its natural barrier.

When you invest in a SAIRA product, I want you to be assured that every single product is first tested on my skin - I need to know that the active ingredients I have chosen delivers exactly what I want for the skin before I share them. 

I know what it’s like to feel insecure and uncomfortable in your skin, I know how it can stop you living your best life and make the most of life’s opportunities. Oils are my secret to skin happiness and with this secret I’m hoping it will help you to OWN YOUR CONFIDENCE

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Aug 16, 2023

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