The Women of the Himalayas


A harsh climate and natural abundance have shaped the women of the Himalayas. For centuries they’ve relied on their resourcefulness and ingenuity to create their own luxurious skincare routines.


In this wild, rugged, and remote landscape, where the winter winds blow bitterly cold and the summer sun is fierce and unrelenting, they keep things simple, effective, and joyful. The seasons may come and go, but the women of the Himalayas use the same gentle oils to maintain healthy skin all year round.

  • Winter skin: help for dry, dehydrated, chapped, dull, flaky, or itchy skin
  • Spring skin: exfoliation to renew, revitalise and make the skin glow
  • Summer skin: help for irritated, sore, inflamed, or sensitive skin


Nature’s bounty gives the women of the Himalayas everything they need to keep their skins feeling soft and beautiful. How much they use, and when they use it, has inspired our own authentic approach to seasonal skincare. And the one vital lesson we’ve learned is that less is more.

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