Skincare Rituals

Make time for yourself

Scents have the magical ability to transport you to another place or another time. They trigger memories: a summer garden, a newborn child, your grandmother at her dressing table. They make you feel good about yourself.

So why not take a few seconds out for our simple rituals? Our rituals slow you down. They create a tiny, luxurious moment of me-time. They’re also the most effective way to use our skincare treatments.

In the Himalayas, rituals are part of everyday life. Even the processes the women use to extract their skincare oils are highly ritualistic.

Here in the west, a ritual is an easy way for anyone – a busy mum, a career professional, a retiree – to take time out. Long after the ritual is over, the natural, plant-based aromas linger on your skin. They remind you that you skin care need to keep making time for yourself.

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