I received my first bottle of Saira’s facial oil for my birthday earlier this year and have absolutely loved using it. Not only does the oil smell lovely, but it also really really hydrates my skin and keeps it looking bright and fresh. I love how non greasy it is and how it turns my skin into the perfect soft base for my make up, allowing my make up to always look natural without the need for any touch ups throughout the day! I super highly recommend this oil for an instant glow.


I am 54 and am lucky to have very good skin but I have noticed the ageing process accelerate as I have started the menopause. I have been using the oil for a few days and I have seen a difference in my skin- it is softer, more plumped and the lines and wrinkles are less visible. I am surprised as I didn’t expect such immediate results. I have used another oil and although it was hydrating and smelt beautiful, it did not make the same visible impact. I would definitely like to continue using SairaSkin oil.


I recently purchased the Hydrating Facial Oil, well what can I say.... It’s amazing!! It has left my face feeling hydrated, smooth and it looks so much better after just one application, I’ve been using it twice daily and my face looks better and better each day! I feel my under eyes circles/ bags are less noticeable too even my friends have noticed! I will definitely be purchasing more! 


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I’ve been with my sample of the Saira hydrating facial oil. It’s been such a treat using something that not only made my skin feel brighter and evened out my complexion, it is good to know that it has pure ingredients and kind to my skin.


Having tried lots of products over the years this is simply the best! This non greasy oil left my skin looking and feeling fresh, smooth and smelling gorgeous!!


Just to say the facial oil tester is just AMAZING! My husband, who never notices anything, said how lovely my face looked yesterday!!


I absolutely love this face oil. I have been looking for the right one for months and decided to try this one... it is amazing, doesn’t block your pores... your skin feels amazing and it’s the perfect base for my makeup. I have very sensitive skin and this has been brilliant. I will definitely continue to buy this oil.


I have used the oil for 2 days and noticed a big difference... my face feel firm and glowing but the most difference is my line... I have/had a deep line by my eyebrows and it has nearly gone! My lines by my eyes are fading!!


I have been using the oil for about 2 months now and have had fantastic results on my tired menopausal skin, never have I had such good results from any cream/oils I have tried before. Also using the scrub which has the most gorgeous smell as well as getting rid of the dead, dry skin. We also used it on my husband’s sunburnt nose on holiday with excellent results. Keep up the good work and hope for many other products in the future.


I am a 50 something with menopausal, dry and eczema prone skin. I have only used the Oil for a few days, morning and night and am amazed at how wonderful my skin is feeling already. It stays moisturised all day, feels very soft and eczema much better.


My daughter (18) has extremely dry skin and has suffered with facial eczema for many years. She has tried just about every product on the market but everything feels like it burns her skin. This oil has been wonderful from first use and her skin is looking lovely. She is so impressed by how well it soaks into her skin, the immediate hydrating effects and it hasn’t caused any negative reaction at all. She has been so pleased she persuaded me to try it (I have oily skin) and I have also found it to be wonderful.


Have always had problems with my skin I'm 51 and for the first time in a very long time (I mean decades) I'm waking up after applying Saira's hydrating oil at night and absolutely loving the restful glowing skin that stares back at me in the mirror,I have mild acne scars on my cheeks which I was thinking of having laser treatment on but at the moment after I've applied the hydrating oil and sunscreen and applied my makeup I am so pleased with the lovely dewy look the oil gives, will definitely be recommending this to my friends, even got my husband using it, amazing product.


My skin has never seemed so fresh and bright in the mornings my acne has calmed down so much and I have also noticed my circles under my eye fading. It's a magic potion in a bottle. As a anxiety sufferer who suffers from severe panic attacks the scent of your oil calms me down and grounds me I love every single thing of this delightful oil. I won't ever change to anything else!


I am now on my third bottle of this facial oil and have just ordered the 4th! The smell is quite gentle and pleasant and not overpowering. It makes a huge difference to my skin. I use it at night time and wake up with plumped up and soft skin. I thoroughly recommend this. I have tried all sorts of facial oils over the last few years since they appeared on the market, and this is definitely the best.


It's a pleasure to use and sinks in beautifully. My sensitive hormonal skin seems to love it. My favourite way to use is very generously at night. Saira has lovely skin and you can certainly see why thanks to this beautiful oil. Anyone dithering like i was - definitely give it a go. You have nothing to lose. This is by far THE BEST oil i have ever tried.


FINALLY I have found a oil that loves my skin . people I kid you not after Just a couple of days of using this oil I look younger HALLELUJAH my skin is looking BEAUTIFUL soft and fresh as the day I was born lol a great BIG thank you to you saira and please keep this stocked up at QVC for years to come . I brought another bottle yesterday on the lovely easy payments and feel so happy that I could shed a little tear drop knowing my searching days for the right skin care are over.


My partner has fallen in love with this oil and loves how is softens and nourishes his skin and he has tried quite a few different facial oils. He keeps mentioning how good it makes his skin feel especially during cold winter weather. It will be a regular purchase item for us going forward. Highly recommended oil.


I have very dehydrated skin due to medical condition. I had used Liz Earle Superskin facial oil since it was launched but thought I would try this after seeing the reviews. WOW im so glad i did. I have just ordered my 2nd bottle. I use this both day and night and I no longer have tight, dry or flaking skin. It smells amazing and a little goes a long way so my first bottle lasted almost 6 months.


It is perfect for my sensitive skin. Not only that but it has taken my skin back to how it was last year, it is as if the Winter didn't even happen! Within two weeks my skin is plump, dewy and as smooth as silk. I cannot recommend this oil enough, I am absolutely thrilled with the results!


This exfoliator/mask is quite different to anything I have used before. It smells wonderful thanks to the essential oils and you immediately feel like you are using something special. The effect on my skin, even after one use, was fabulous - extremely smooth and soft and well-nourished. I apply the Saira facial oil afterwards and my skin genuinely feels fantastic. It feels better hydarted than it has been in many years. I love this product and would highly recommend it, especially in conjunction with the facial oil.


IIt has become part of my daily skin care routine, it is so easy to apply and has a lovely silky feel to it. The glycerin content makes it super hydrating and the sugar granules are so gentle, I was amazed at just how effective it was. My skin is left feeling soft and smooth and my other skin care products (oil and moisturiser) seem to be absorbed into my skin so much better. It's a great product to apply at the end of a long day for a fast treatment or even better applied before a long hot soak in a bath.


I've used this exfoliant daily and it's left my skin looking glowing and feeling super smooth - goodbye dead skin cells, hello fresher complexion. Once a week as a treat for my skin I leave it on for longer for a more intensive treatment. I use it in conjunction with Saira's facial oil and find this is better absorbed after exfoliating.