Hydrating Facial Oil


Treat your skin to a burst of soothing luxury, and your senses to a moment of invigorating calm.

This is a uniquely fragrant blend of Himalayan fruits. Organic oils of mulberry, fig, pomegranate, apricot kernel and sweet almond are blended with 19 essential oils from herbs, flowers and seeds to create a light golden oil that is intensely hydrating yet delightfully non-greasy, making it perfect for all skin types.

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Why use a Facial Oil?

If you’re looking to have healthier, younger-looking skin without exposure to chemicals, toxins or harsh treatments, consider adding face oils to your skincare routine. When you look at young, luminous skin, you are seeing skin at its healthiest; skin cells held together by an abundance of oils.

As we age, we produce less of the oils that give our skin a healthy glow. So, your job is to add them back. Doing so is one of the most important ways you can support your skin, because a healthy lipid barrier prevents dehydration by helping skin retain moisture.

You’ll see immediate results from the first application. After a month of use, the replenished lipid barrier rewards you with noticeably brighter, clearer and smoother skin.

*Please note our products contain Almond Essential Oil – Please check ingredients list and consult your GP if you have a nut allergy.*

How to use the hydrating facial oil

Perform twice a day on clean, dry, make-up- free skin

  1. Pour three drops of oil into the palm of your hand
  2. Rub your hands together to warm the oil and release the fragrance
  3. Close your eyes and inhale the soothing aromas
  4. Enjoy a precious moment of calm as you focus your mind on your skin
  5. Press your oil-rich hands into your forehead, cheeks, chin and neck.
  6. Let your skin absorb the nourishing richness


Organic apricot kernel oil¹, organic argan oil¹, organic grapeseed oil¹, organic sweet almond oil unrefined¹, organic avocado oil pressed unrefined¹, organic olive oil extra virgin¹, organic soyabean oil¹, black mulberrires organic, dried figs organic, organic pomegranate seed oil¹, organic camellia seed oil¹, organic evening primrose oil cp¹. D-mixed tocopherols concentrate, organic orange oil sweet¹, organic neroli oil¹, organic petitgrain oil¹, organic cedarwood oil¹, organic black pepper oil¹, organic ginger oil¹, rosamox, organic cinnamon bark oil¹, organic black cumin seed oil crude¹, organic rose oil¹, limonene, linalool, geranoil, farnesol, cinnamal, citral ¹ soil association certified organic.

Always read the Safety and Allergy Guidelines and perform a patch test before using SairaSkin products. Safety and Allergy Guidelines can be found under our terms and conditions.