As a woman in her 50s leading a busy working life and raising a family, I know what it feels like to look in that mirror and think, “I look tired, I look old, I don’t look like myself,” and for you to lose confidence about who you are.  But we can all be guilty of being too hard on ourselves. The beauty of getting older is that you grow wiser, and wisdom has taught me to be kinder to myself, to not compare myself to others, and to accept and appreciate that beauty is skin deep.

The menopause was a milestone in my life and it demanded that I slow right down, adapt my lifestyle and starting making better choices for my changing body. I feel happier, healthier and calmer now in my 50s than at any other stage in my life. I am living my best life, becoming the best version of myself, which I believe comes from a very simple mindset – that of looking after myself, as well as others.

I have come to understand that health, healing and wellness go deeper than the surface, and it’s not just about those fine lines you want to smooth or the acne you’re trying to calm. The rituals you create for yourself and the space where you create meaning and purpose can be truly transformative.

I appreciate that not everyone has the luxury of time or finances to visit a spa and unwind. I wanted to create a skincare range for busy women like me, one that was simple to use, multi-tasking and deeply nourishing, and which respected the skin as well as the principles of sustainability.

SairaSkin - Founder

SairaSkin gives everyone has the opportunity to experience a spa-like feeling at home. Our intense botanical formulations work harder and smarter to give the same glowing results, without putting unreasonable amounts of time in. I want to help women feel confident to their skin, no matter what their age.

Owning your own self-care ritual can help you start the day with positivity, and also create time for your mind to unwind after a hectic day. ‘Me-time’ is essential in our busy, demanding and sometimes stressful lives.  I have found that my skincare rituals allow me to pause, look in the mirror, focus on my feelings and connect with myself and remind myself that I am enough.

I like to stand for a while breathing in the scents of  the fragrant oils, and focus on emptying my mind of all thoughts, becoming at ease. It is during these magical moments that I’m able to find balance and become empowered. I hope you can experience this beautiful way to uplift yourself and find real clarity and love for who you are and what you stand for.

Saira Khan
Founder of SairaSkin