Hydrating Facial Oil

The main difference between oils and creams is that the oil mimics the natural lipids found in our skin which makes it more easily absorbed.

Yes you can – the oil will help to regulate and balance the oil production of your skin. Continued use of a facial oil will lead to less oily skin. 

The oil will not cause acne. Your skin might experience a few breakouts while it gets used to a natural, organic facial oil. In time it will adjust and reap the benefits of a facial oil. 

When you use a facial oil the difference will be seen straight away – as soon as you pat it in to your skin, you will notice increased radiance and smoother, glowing skin. 

We recommend that you start by using three drops in the evening. As your skin becomes accustomed, you can start to use it in the morning too. 

Yes – highly recommended for beautiful natural radiance and longer lasting makeup with a smoother finish. 

No – the blend of oil in our Hydrating Facial Oil is easily absorbed and no oily residue is left behind. 

Our oil is Soil Association certified organic meaning it has been made without pesticides. Our oil contains more minerals, antioxidants and vitamins making it kinder and better for your skin. 

Although organic and healthy, during pregnancy please check with your GP before using any new products. 

We recommend using oils as soon as you can – the younger the better. After age 35 the natural production of oils slows down and that is when fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. The only way to overcome this is to apply facial oil morning and night. 

Exfoliating Treatment Mask

Exfoliation helps to remove the build up of dead skin cells which leads to dull looking skin. By exfoliating, you renew and brighten the skin giving yourself a more youthful appearance. 

We recommend that you should exfoliate twice a week – once a week if you have sensitive skin. 

You should always exfoliate dry skin as it helps to remove the rough dry surface, helping your skincare products to be absorbed more easily. 

Our Exfoliating Treatment Mask will leave your skin feeling highly moisturised due to its unique nourishing formulation. 

Unlike other masks, larger sugar granules are used for deeper exfoliation. When rolled across the skin gently, smoother skin is revealed without any damage. 

As soon as you start using our mask, you will notice that your skin looks smoother, softer and brighter. Whilst it exfoliates it also adds moisture. 

The Exfoliating Treatment Mask will draw out the toxins and impurities in your skin, so you might experience some breakouts – but this is a good sign! Stick with it and in the long term you will benefit from softer smoother and more beautiful skin. 

This is because it’s a treatment mask, and by letting it sit on your skin you are allowing the glycerine to pull moisture from the air and lock into your skin. 

The three key ingredients are glycerine for added moisture, turmeric oil for brighter skin, and sugar granules for exfoliation. 

Although organic and healthy, during pregnancy please check with your GP before using any new products.