5 Well-Being Benefits Of Essential Oils

I don’t know about you, but whenever I want to buy a product, be it perfume, washing up liquid or skincare, I have to smell it before I buy it. If I don’t like the smell, then it’s not coming home with me. Our sense of smell is linked closely to parts of the brain that process emotion and memory.  Have you ever had that sensation when an aroma of a particular sunscreen reminds you of your  favourite holiday destination or the smell of  hairspray takes you back to your teens or even the waft of clean washing gives you a sense of pleasure and comfort? When I was formulating the Saira Skin Hydrating Facial Oil, I wanted to bring together fragrances that would stimulate the senses in a calming yet uplifting way. I wanted my customers to feel as if, in their very own bathroom, they had been transported to their favourite luxurious spa.  

In a recent article written in Forbes Magazine, (a global media company that focuses features on business,  technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle) the power of essentials oils was discussed – the beneficial effects they have upon our health and wellbeing and how they contribute to healthier and more balanced lifestyle. It does sound a little bit farfetched doesn’t it, that by smelling an essence or an extract, it will have a profound effect upon you mood, mind and even outlook – but studies have shown that essential oils can help to relieve stress, anxiety, aid metabolism, sleep and support immunity. It’s important to note that there is a huge difference in products that use synthetic fragrances compared to those that use essential oils to create their product aromas. The word “fragrance” on the back of a label will tell you that it is synthetic, as essential oils will be labelled individually. 
The  pure essential oils used in Saira Skin products are of the highest quality and extracted using cold press and distillation methods which are certified organic by the Soil Association, meaning that plants and botanicals are grown in soil that’s free of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers and contain no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), making them gentle enough to be used on sensitive and delicate skin types.

When you indulge in the Saira Skin Hydrating Facial Oil, and, warm the light golden oil between your hands, you will activate the fragrances of 19 essential oils, extracted from herbs, flowers, seeds, spices and fruits, which include cinnamon, rose, ginger, pepper and cedarwood. To benefit from this bespoke aroma, we advise to take a deep breath in, close your eyes and for a moment let the exotic fragrances touch your senses and relax – it’s a beautiful and powerful sensation and will prepare your mind and mood for the application of the oil to your skin. Once you have opened the bottle, that sense of smell is addictive and I have found myself reaching for a sniff when I need a little pick me up. 

The essential oils in our skincare products  are also incorporated for their vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties which ultimately benefit your complexion and keep the skin looking healthy and radiant. Our advice to preserve the quality of your oil is to keep it in a dark cool place away from sunlight and of course, take advice from you doctor if you are using essential oils during pregnancy.  We’d love to hear what your favourite smell is  – the top trending ones are:

  • Coffee, 
  • Fresh bread, 
  • Freshly cut grass, 
  • Rain 
  • Vanilla

Importance of Self-Care Rituals

Owning your own self care ritual can help you to start the day with a positive  frame of mind and also, create time for your mind to unwind, after a hectic day. “Me-time”, is essential in our busy, demanding and sometimes stressful lives.  Creating your own skincare ritual, allows you to pause, look in the mirror, focus on you,  and connect with yourself.

Health, healing, and wellness can go deeper than just the surface – sometimes it’s not just about those fine lines you want to diminish or the acne you’re trying to calm. The rituals you create for yourself and the space where you create meaning and purpose, can truly be transformative.

Your skincare should include the products that you have specially selected and adore. Natural fragrances and essential oils provide aromatherapeutic benefits that are good for both your skin and your state of mind. Stand for a few moments breathing in the scents & focus on emptying your mind of all thoughts, becoming at ease. It’s during these magical moments that we are able to find balance within ourselves, and become empowered.  

An effective skincare ritual should be simple, effective and uplifting. Your products should leave your skin feeling hydrated, soft, smooth and looking radiant.

There’s nothing  more beautiful than seeing a woman with a natural glow who is confident in her own skin.

How do you wear your skin?