Our Story

SairaSkin was born from a genuine desire to help individuals embrace their uniqueness, celebrating the skin they’re in. This means accepting scars, uneven skin tones, stretch
marks, fine lines, and wrinkles.

At SairaSkin we encourage the self-care rituals that allow individuals to connect with their skin, senses, and wellbeing. Our products contain the wisdom of generations before us who
have used the power of natural plant-based ingredients to rejuvenate themselves.

Our mission is to inspire people to feel beautiful and confident about themselves and get their glow on every day. You have to believe, feel and own your beauty from the inside out.

Cosmos Organic

The SairaSkin promise

  • We promise to always be honest, transparent, and authentic with our customers.
  • We promise never to make unsubstantiated claims about what our skincare products can achieve.
  • We promise to always produce Soil Association COSMOS certified organic skincare using the highest quality ingredients.
  • We promise never to test our products on animals, and we’ll only use cruelty-free ingredients.
  • We promise to focus on respecting the environment – the wildlife and animals with whom we share our planet – during the manufacturing and retailing of our skincare products.
  • We promise to adhere to strict manufacturing standards, giving our customers peace of mind that what they are putting on their skin is safe for them, and for the environment.