Why should I use a Facial Oil in the summer months?

For me, summer skincare is all about getting that natural, glowing and radiant skin, which just needs a touch of bronzer on the cheeks, gloss on the lips and big sunglasses to complete that sunkissed look. I want to spend more time enjoying the sun, not wasting time on a 10 step skincare routine. 

Summer skin is about hydration and protection, and I have found out over the years that less  is definitely more when it comes to skincare during the warm, sunny months. Whilst we all welcome the Vit D the sun naturally provides, what we don’t like is the sweat, shine and open pores, which can play havoc with our dermis –  we need our skin to breathe and not suffocate it with layers of heavy products.

The one beauty product the editors consistently hail as the summer skincare saviour and a “must have” is a  good quality, plant based facial oil, because they  are non-comedogenic and multi-tasking as they “repair, nourish, hydrate, balance and protect” the skin. Furthermore, a facial oil will give the skin that natural luminosity which is associated with youthful and healthy skin. 

The secret of using a facial oil effectively is in the application. I never massage an oil, because all you are doing is moving the oil around the surface of the face – what you need to do is press it into the skin. Pressing allows the oil to penetrate deep into the skin resulting in  better absorption and a non-greasy after feel, leaving your skin hydrated and creating a prefect base for highlighting your features with minimal makeup. 

I use my facial oil in the morning to lock in moisture and ensure my skin is nourished and plump looking throughout the day. Then apply again in the evening, as a natural after-sun on tanned skin to prevent flaking and itching.

The Hydrating Facial Oil is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which helps to nourish, soften and smooth sun exposed skin. I have formulated the SairaSkin Hydrating Facial Oil using the highest quality Soil Association  certified organic ingredients, which are also vegan and contain no alcohol or animal derivatives,  giving you peace of mind that what you are putting onto your skin and ultimately what goes into your body is safe, respecting your values and wellbeing. 

So enjoy your time in the sun, and leave your skincare needs to our luxurious Hydrating Facial Oil, it’s light, multitasking and effective, saving you time and money to enjoy the fun things in life, like focusing on important decisions such as – what cocktail to drink next?