Looking After Teenage Skin

My son Zac is 12 years old and I started to notice that he was getting breakouts on his skin . He had blackheads on his nose and around his hairline there were spots.

This is because of hormone changes which leads to an over production of sebum ( oil to keep skin soft and hydrated), which can collect in pores along with dead skin cells and pollution and lead to blackheads.
In this video, I show how I have used a simple exfoliating cloth and a homemade scrub using coconut oil and salt to clear Zac’s skin.
I want my son to feel confident about his personal health and hygiene and not to ever feel embarrassed. Zac really enjoyed this LIVE and hopes it will help others.
To make the coconut and salt exfoliating scrub – please use 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and 4 teaspoons of salt.
The Exfoliating Organic Muslin Cloth can be bought here